Walking sticks are a great help for many
people but they would be useless
without a Ferrule...

it's the rubber tip which fits on the end of a walking stick.

Don't underestimate the role of the little cap that sits on the end of a stick! If there wasn't something there, you'd know about it. You might use a fancy carved or colour-changing stick but, if you're a bit wobbly, have pain when you move and need your stick for support rather than as a fashion accessory,
it's your Ferrule which lies between standing up or falling.  
They grip the ground and allow you to lean your weight on your stick with confidence.

Ferrules are mostly made of rubber and will eventually degrade with use. The consensus is that they typically last about six months with regular use,
by which time they've worn fairly thin.

We offer FREE ferrule replacement for a donation to Highland Diabled Ramblers.







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