Komfy 4 and 8

The new Komfy 4 and 8 (4mph and 8mph) mobility scooter has been designed to provide you with the ultimate in comfort, style, maeuverability and performance.  Designed with particular attention to ergonomics and comfort, it is one of the most flexible and easy to use scooters on the market.  More details are available in the brochure.


Midi XLSkymco midi xls blue solid tyres

Medium size versatile, compact, comfortable and highly manoeuvrable 8mph scooter. Ideal for both town trips and longer journeys on rougher terrain. This model has puncture proof tyres.  More details are available in the brochure.



Medium size 8mph mid-range scooter with oil-dampened suspension and excellent ground clearance.  More details are available in the brochure.




Super 4 for Ukymco super 4 for u

A compact mid-range 4mph scooter with good leg room and ground clearance and a tight turning circle. Offers good comfort with large 10" pneumatic tyres and a height adjustable seat that also slides backwards and forwards. More details are available in the brochure.



K-lite and K-lite Comfortkymco k-lite mink

kymco k-lite comfort orangeBoth models are compact, highly manoeuvrable and easy to use,  and also dismantle easily for transportation. The K-Lite Comfort has the additional bonus of all-round suspension. More details are available in the brochure.



K-Lite FE (Folding Electric)

Designed to be easy to drive, easy to fold, easy to store and easy to transport.  This is one of our favourite folding scooters.  With a range of up to 9.3miles and a weight of 22Kg.  More details available in the brochure.



K-Activkymco k-activ outdoor powerchair mink

Designed for comfort, performance and independence. The seating and rear suspension are adjustable. Pneumatic rear tyres, powerful 450w motors, top speed of 6mph and a maximum range of 27 miles make the K-Activ an ideal outdoor powerchair. More details are available in the brochure.



This powerchair dismantles and folds down easily to fit into your vehicle. A highly capable powerchair for indoor and outdoor use with all-round puncture proof tyres and a removeable kerb climber.  More details are available in the brochure.








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