Beds & Chairs

Beds and chairs are something more than just 'furniture' at City Mobility. We consider the fit to be a primary consideration, and we also like to encourage our customers to think about what requirements have to be satisfied for both the user and perhaps carers in purchasing such a piece of equipment.

We can offer a two way approach to both beds and chairs:

Firstly we can offer a selection of rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds in a choice of sizes, styles and fabrics and prices as off-the-peg items.

Secondly we can also offer a more bespoke service where sizing, type of action, pressure relief and other specialist requirements can be adjusted to order and to a point where the build is specific to the end-user.

For rise-and-recline and fireside chairs we can offer:

A choice of supplier

A choice of style

Extensive fabric range

Various actions (single, dual, tilt-in-space, wallhugger, etc)

Choice of size and weight capacity

Removeable armrests

Porterage facility

Pressure relief cushioning.

For Adjustable beds we can offer

Choice of mainstream styles

Choice of sizes

Choice of actions

Selection of headboards

Selection of matress types

Bariatric capability

Cot sides

Monkey poles.