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We've heard some real horror stories from people that are now our customers after they unfortunately had to learn the hard way. 

Don't let this happen to you.

Everything we sell is compliant with UK lawSome products for sale on the internet don't comply with UK law
A bricks and mortar business is easy to visitA fancy website run from an unknown location (maybe even a spare bedroom), you can't turn up and knock on their door
Local owners run for local customers, reliant on real local reputation (no fake reviews) and repeat businessFaceless owners 
Employing local people who go on to contribute to your local economy, keeping local services open and availableYour purchase doesn't support your local economy and doesn't keep local services open
Genuine "word-of-mouth" reputation from real local customersPays for membership of sites that "recommend" them.  Actively hand-picks recommendations from selective customers and subscribes to web sites that provides credibility at a price
Assessment by telephone in advance of a home demonstration to put together your unique short-list of recommended products suitable for your needsLeft to do your own research on the internet
FREE home assessments and demonstrations of suitable productsSometimes home demonstrations have to be paid for with a refund against the product if you buy it
We won't sell you a scooter or powerchair if we at all doubt your competency to drive it safelyIt's all about the sale
Only well respected, well known quality brands are available from a variety of reputable suppliersOwn brand products without a historical reputation are supplied, so you can't compare like with like
We will only sell you products that are legal in the UKMay be selling products that are not legal in the UK (We've reported products that we've seen on websites that are not legal that are for sale in the UK!).  Beware scooters with two seats and products that go over 8mph
We will only sell you products that we can get parts for should you have problems in futureWill sell you a product we can't get parts for.  This means we will be unable to help with future servicing and repairs
Our mobility assessors aren't paid commission.  Finding the right product for you shouldn't be influenced by commission!Profit/numbers led recommendations.  Suppliers are tied into deals with manufacturers to push set products
We don't use any hard sale techniques, we encourage customers to speak to friends or family members or to think about a purchase overnight if we think they are rushing in to a decisionSome of our customer have told us some horror stories about techniques used by internet sellers
At home warranty cover*.  Our local Engineers will come to your home free of charge for warranty issues (T&Cs apply)If you buy off the internet KEEP THE BOX.  You may have to return the product in the original packaging to resolve warranty issues. Read the small print which usually says the item must be returned in the original packaging.  Mobility products aren't like cars, you can't take it to any dealer anywhere in the country and get a warranty issue resolved, it must go back to the original supplier
Our business has only been registered once on Companies House and we don't have Directors that have opened and closed multiple businessesWe know of at least one internet seller that exists in its fourth reincarnation
Scooter built, tested and charged before it is delivered to you.  We dispose of the packaging.  If you have any issues we liaise with the supplierYour product may arrive leaving you to unpack it.  Depending on the product it may need to be built.  It may arrive on a pallet leaving you to move it
Free home delivery* with a talk through of the controls if neededIf you haven't had to pay for delivery, you will to take it to the next paid-for level and have an "Engineer" unpack, build and demo it for you
You don't get your product damaged. If there are any issues when we take delivery we resolve it directly with the supplierIf your product arrives damaged you have to liaise with the supplier and courier about blame and insurance claims
At home* after-sales service.  Our experienced Engineers cover your local areaIf any after-sales service is available it is usually a return-to-base service (remember you kept the box!). You have to get the package back to them once you have packed it, palleted it and arranged the courier
THE GOOD NEWS IS - if you need any out-of-warranty repairs done or want an annual service, you don't have to have bought it from us for us to helpYour supplier will probably refer you to us for issues once it is out of warranty with them

* conditions are different for the Scottish Islands.

*T&Cs apply:  wef 1/1/23.  Invoice must be paid at time of call out and/or service or in advance.  Proof of purchase is required.  Offer only applies to product bought from City Mobility and not to other products in same premises. City Mobility has the right to withdraw or refuse this offer at any time.