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Picture of snug canopy on a scooter Driving in the rain 

We'd never go out living in the North of Scotland if we waited for sunshine!  Driving any vehicle requires a bit more care and attention in the rain and it is no different with powerchairs of mobility scooters, they start behaving differently and often lose grip so have a look at the points below and remember them the next time it is raining.

Avoiding Puddles

Try and avoid puddles as much as possible, you can’t see how deep they are and you might ground your scooter or even get a puncture.  Be considerate to others and try not to splash people when you drive past them.

Keep The Electrics Dry

As we all know electrics and water don’t mix well, if water does get into the electrics your scooter may stop working or even start acting erratically.  To prevent this from happening you could get a tiller cover which helps prevent water from getting to the electrics located in the control panel. If you have an electric wheelchair or powerchair you can also get a joystick cover which will do the same job.

Drive Safely

It is important that you take extra care when you are travelling when the ground is wet.  If you can't avoid driving through puddles, drive much slower - the scooter could aquaplane and then lose total control or there could be a hidden pot hole.  And remember your stopping distance will be increased much the same as it would with a car.  If you are driving on or crossing the road remember car drivers will have reduced visibility and need longer stopping distances too.

Safe at Home

If you are at home and you're planning to go out and it does start raining, you might want to think about rescheduling your journey and ask youself if you really need to go out now or can it wait for a while or until the next day to see if the rain stops.

What To Do If You Do Get Caught Out

Dry the scooter out and double check that all the functions are working correctly before using.  Make sure you have your breakdown insurance contact information with you at all times.