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Canopies are different from covers although the names often get mixed up.  Different mobility scooter suppliers/brands/makes use different terminology so it can get confusing. 

A canopy is an enclosure that is fixed (not usually removable although there is an exception) over your mobility scooter that you sit under or inside as you travel around. 

Covers are used for covering different things, such as:

  • A storage cover, which is a shaped waterproof sheet that you use to cover the scooter with when not in use (a bit like a BBQ cover). These can be quite bulky, so are not easy to carry around with you if you need to cover it away from home.  The bigger the scooter the bigger the cover.  If the scooter has a fixed canopy it may not need a storage cover.
  • A tiller cover, covers the tiller area of the scooter (where the hand controls are) and shields it from the rain.  You can usually put your hands underneath the tiller cover to work the controls.  You can see what you are doing as it is made from clear vinyl and can be removed if not needed.
  • A seat cover, is a waterproof cover for your seat only.  It is easier to carry around with you than a storage cover.  Handy to put on your seat if you want to keep it dry.
  • People covers come in different shapes and sizes depending on the Make:
    • A cape - you wear to cover you down to your toes (sometimes called Kendal Macs), make sure it has sleeves so you can operate the controls.  Be careful with these as when you stand the length can be a trip hazard.  You also need to keep them clear of the tyres in case they get caught up in them.
    • A rainguard - covers you like the cape but also covers the scooter tiller area as well.  Make sure you pick the right size for you and your scooter.  It has a see-through clear vinyl window at the tiller so you can see what you are doing.  These are cumbersome to take off and like the cape, you need to be careful.
Things to know when choosing canopies
  • Small scooters are too small to have a canopy attached.  The canopy can act as a sail and the wind could push over lighter scooters.
  • Some scooter makes and models can only be ordered with a canopy from the supplier that provides the scooter so you only get the fixed style and colour that comes with it; 
  • Some canopies have to be ordered at the time you order your scooter because the canopy (usually a hard-top canopy) might require a special shroud design or fixings on the scooter that isn't available on the standard model and again the style and colour is fixed; 
  • But generally most canopies need to be ordered from a different supplier to the scooter supplier in a "Mix and Match" process so it means canopies can either be fitted onto the scooter at the time of order or at a later date although it is useful to know the year of manufacture of your scooter as this can ensure the right canopy is ordered. 

If you are ordering your scooter with canopy through the Motability Scheme your product will come with a pre-determined canopy, there will be no colour or zip options.  If a certain type of zip is all you can use you need to make sure the one that comes with the scooter works for you or make known any special needs when you are choosing your product.

Hard Top Canopy (otherwise know as "a Canopy")

This type of canopy is generally better for more wind and rain prone areas.

If you are ordering your scooter with a hard top canopy through the Motability Scheme your product will come with the canopy specified.  As well as being able to roll up/back doors in good weather, the sides on hard top canopies may be detachable so you are only left with the roof and front/front & rear pvc/vinyl screens.  If you are ordering it privately you may be able to order it without the vinyl sides although you're not going to keep dry without them when the rain in Scotland can fall sideways! 

Rain Canopies (otherwise known as a "soft-top canopy" or "a canopy")

This type of canopy is best suited to the "mix and match" approach.

The rain canopy can be fitted at the time you buy a scooter or be fitted at a later date (assuming they still make a canopy for this model if it is an older scooter).  You can choose from a Standard rain canopy or a Deluxe rain canopy.

Standard Scooter Canopy (available in black, blue, red or grey)

Standard Canopy

Deluxe Scooter Canopy

As well as deciding if you want a Standard or Deluxe Canopy you should think about what kind of door shape you can best manage. 

The Arc Shape Door

The Arc shaped door comes as standard and is probably easiest to manage if you have a health condition limiting the use of one arm.  It is probably more awkward to roll back and tie up then though.  You can use the upper zip to open part of the door forming an open window

The Roll-Up Door

At an additional cost you can have a Roll-Up door, which is easier to use with both hands.  You can roll the door up and secure at the top. 

The Rear Window

A rear window comes as standard or you can pay an additional cost to have a Roll-Up rear window.  This allows for added air circulation and easier access to the area behind the seat if you have a back pack on the back of your scooter seat.


The Snug Canopy by TGA Mobility.

Is the exception mentioned above.  It's like an umbrella for your scooter and can be retracted or pulled down in one easy movement.  It comes in one-size and can be bought separately to fix on to your scooter.  It can also be removed fairly easily.  The canopy will fit the majority of medium and large scooters (both TGA and other brands) that have the square tube accessory hitch.  

It is available on two scooters on the Motability Scheme on the TGA Vita E and S scooters. 




Cabin Car

There are only one or two makes of cabin car available in the UK.  A cabin car is the next step on from a scooter with a hard top. There is only one make we would currently endorse, the Pride Minicrosser Cabin Crosser.  You can find out more information here.