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Road-legal Scooters

Road scooters can travel up to 6mph or 8mph (12kph) and work best on roads, some can be taken off-road depending on the terrain.    Because you can take road scooters on the pavements, when you switch it down to pavement setting (max speed 4mph) some people buy them to use just on pavements because they have better suspension, comfier seats and a longer range.  You can't take a road scooter on the bus.  None fold (with two exceptions).  A few of them can be dismantled but due to the size and weight of the parts, this is only really practical to be done on the odd occasion. The larger the road scooter is the less likely it is to be able to use on the pavement.

Shown here are the road scooters that we usually stock.  Most are available to lease through the Motability Scheme as well as being available to buy privately.  Most have SLA or Gel batteries and you can't remove them.  The vast majority are not airline friendly.

It is unlikely you will fit a road scooter in your boot but if you have a large boot you might.

It is illegal to travel faster than 4mph on a pavement so you must switch down your road scooter to pavement speed if using it on a pavement.

Road scooters have to be registered with the DVLA - if you buy from us we will sort that out for you.  To be road legal your scooter must have lights, indicators, at least one mirror, a horn, hazard warning lights and usually a secondary method of braking.

We have good relationships with the majority of well known and respected mobility equipment suppliers so if you don't see what you are looking for it is likely we can get it for you. 

We will not sell you a scooter or powerchair if we feel you are not competent to use it.  Your safety and that of other pavement and road users is important to us. You must have a good understanding of the rules of the road if you are using a road scooter on the roads as well as the pavements.  We don't pay our staff commission on sales, their main focus will be on finding the right product for you and not how much commission they can make! 

You can find out more about insuring your product here.