We've heard some horror stories from people that are now our customers after they learned the hard way.  Don't let this happen to you.  





  • A bricks and mortar business is easy to visit. 



  • A fancy website run from an unknown location (maybe even a spare room).  You can't knock on their door!


  • Local owners committed to serving local customers and reliant on repeat business.
  • Faceless owners.
  • Employing local staff that spend locally.
  • Your purchase doesn't support your local economy.
  • Genuine word of mouth recommendations from real local customers.
  • Pays for membership of sites that recommend them.  Actively seek recommendations from selected customers via paid services.
  • Assessment by telephone in advance of a home demo* to find a shortlist of products from a selection of reliable manufacturers that are right for your needs.
  • Left to your own devices to do your own research on a website. 
  • Free home assessments and demonstrations* of suitable equipment.
  • Sometimes home demo’s are offered as a paid service.  Only products from their own brand are offered.
  • Sales assessor is not paid commission, getting the right product for the customer shouldn’t be influenced by commission!
  • Profit/numbers led recommendations.  Companies tied into deals with manufacturers to push set products.
  • At home warranty cover* – any issues covered by the manufacturer’s &/or dealer’s warranty means your local Engineer will come to your home.
  • Return to base warranty cover.  If you buy off the internet keep the box in case you have to return it (at your cost), the small print usually says the item must be returned in the original packaging.
  • Scooter built and thoroughly tested and charged before it is delivered to you*.  Packaging disposed of.  Any issues and the dealer liaises with the supplier.
  • Your scooter will arrive leaving you to unpack it.  Depending on the product it may need to be assembled and may arrive on a pallet for you to move.
  • Free home delivery* with a second talk-through of the controls.
  • If you haven’t had to pay for delivery, you will have to pay for someone to go to the next level and unpack, build and demo the controls for you.
  • You don’t get your product damaged, any issues are resolved by the local dealer.
  • If your product arrives damaged, you have to liaise with the supplier and delivery courier about blame and insurance claims.
  • After sales service – at-home calls as standard*.  A team of expereinced Engineers cover your local dealer area.
  • If any aftersales service is available, it is usually a return-to-base service.  You have to get the product back to them.  Then you have to package, pallet, organise a courier, insurance, etc.

*conditions are different for Islands.




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