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Left Foot Accelerator

Picture of Left Foot AcceleratorThere is a Left Foot Accelerator for almost every model of vehicle in the UK, either a twin-flip model (as shown on this page), or an electric model.


  • Mechanically replicates the standard accelerator pedal to the left of the brake.
  • Allows a vehicle to be converted easily to drive with either the left or right foot.
  • Mimics the original pedal with full range of acceleration and no loss of ‘Kick Down’.
  • The safety function only allows for use of one accelerator pedal at a time.

The precision design process means that every Left Foot Accelerator design adopts the same properties as the right side pedal ensuring the same distance from the brake and the same height as the right pedal. This results in the driving experience replicating the standard driving experience.


The Twin Folding Left Foot Accelerator is operated by simply pulling the required pedal down and the opposite pedal will fold up out of the way. This allows the vehicle to be driven using either the right or left foot depending on the driver's preference.

Please note if your vehicle has a foot operated parking brake, we may need to convert this to hand operation. If this is necessary we will need to install a Hand Operated Parking Brake.

Important Safety Notice

Our priority with any driving adaptation solution is to ensure the safety of the vehicle occupants and other road users.

If you have previously driven with manual transmission we would not recommend a left foot accelerator as the finesse required for accelerating is very different from the operation of a clutch.