Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters come in a bewildering range of shapes, sizes, prices and - very importantly - capabilities. The idea that 'one size fits all' definitely does not work. We try very hard at City Mobility to match person and product, which is why we maintain a relationship with all the leading suppliers of scooters in the U.K.  We also retain a representative selection of new and second hand machines in our showrooms. Please come in and have a look, and we are equally happy to narrow down the choice on the phone and bring something out to you to have a trial on site.

Scooters can be broadly categorised into three different types:

Small scooters, which are often termed boot scooters. 4mph top speed and usually with very basic specification. Not necessarily the cheapest models in town, these are all  designed and engineered to minimise size and weight so that - typically - they can be folded up and lifted in and out of a car boot. Designed for use on pavements and in shopping centres and similar, comfort, carrying capacity, hill climbing capability, ground clearance and range have all been compromised.

Medium sized mid range scooters. Usually 4mph but some capable of 6 and 8mph. Specification may be fairly basic but the faster ones will have 'road-legal' lighting. This type of scooter often represents very good value for money, and they remain very popular for regular use for example on shorter distances around town.

Large road-legal scooters. Capable of 8mph and often with a comprehensive level of sophistication  these are suitable for town and country use. Most have a fair range, and some will deal with surprisingly rough and steep ground with ease.














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